Split plate charge $2
20% Pre-tax Gratuity added to tables of 6 or more 
* Hamburgers, Salmon and Eggs are cooked to order. Consuming undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness
Prices, Special Offers, Menu Items and Hours
subject to change at any time without notice
Shared Plates & Starters 
All appetizers serve between 2 & 4 guests and are designed to share. Some are great as a meal!
Crunchy Onion Rings  8.50 
Big crispy battered onion rings with dragon sauce and ketchup
FrENCH Fry Bowl 
(Wedge AND/or Sweet Potato)  6.25 
Large bowl of fries with Switch seasoning, aioli and ketchup 
Garlic & Lemon Hummus  10.50
Garlic chickpea puree with artichokes, roasted peppers & pita
5 sweet and spicy meatballs with Vietnamese broth, topped with cucumber, cilantro and crispy wonton
Sandwich Varieties
Served with caesar salad 
Add other side dishes +2.95-4.25
Gluten free bun +1.25
Bread substitutions available
Buffalo Bleu Chicken WRAP  10.25
Buffalo wing spiced warm chicken, bleu cheese, aioli, field greens & shaved celery in a grilled tortilla wrap 
Country Club TURKEY GRILL WRAP  10.25
House roasted turkey, bacon, tomato, aioli, dijon, cheddar & greens in a grilled tortilla wrap
Very Berry Turkey CIABATTA  10.75
House roasted turkey, provolone cheese, raspberry glaze, fresh strawberries, aioli, field greens & red onion on ciabatta
Apricot BBQ Feta 
Chicken CIABATTA  10.75
Warm sliced chicken, apricot bbq sauce, spinach, feta cheese, aioli, cilantro & red onion on ciabatta
Mozzarella Caprese Ciabatta  10 
Fresh mozzarella on soft ciabatta with basil pesto, greens, tomato, balsamic dressing & aioli
| Add prosciutto +3.25
| Add chicken or turkey +3.95 
Braised tender pork, house made pickles, dijon mayo on a pretzel bun
Crispy chicken thigh filet with bacon, house made pickles, crispy onion, maple tabasco mayo and vidalia onion jam on a pretzel bun
Big Salads  
Add Bacon or Prosciutto +3.25
Add Turkey, Chicken +3.95
Add Lobster & Crab Salad, Shrimp or Salmon Filet* +5.95
Switch House Salad  9.95 / 8.45
Arugula, seasonal berries, praline pecans, shaved parmesan, crispy onion strings and white balsamic fig dressing
Individual Starters & Sides
House Burgers *
Served with caesar salad 
Add other side dishes +2.95-4.25
Switch House Burger * 11.95
9 ounces of custom grind angus beef with goat cheese, Canadian bacon, arugula, crispy onions and our special Switch sauce on brioche bun
Spicy Bleu Burger * 11.95
9 ounces of custom grind angus beef with bleu cheese, garlic aioli, spicy wing sauce, diced celery, shredded carrots and leaf lettuce on brioche bun
Cowboy Burger * 11.95
9 ounces of custom grind angus beef, BBQ sauce, garlic aioli, red onions, cheddar & bacon on brioche bun
Tejano Burger * 11.95
9 ounces of custom grind angus beef, house made pickled jalapeños, tomatoes, salsa, lettuce, guacamole, spicy aioli & jack cheese on brioche bun
Pamplona Veggie Burger  10.95
Black bean soy burger with sundried tomato, spinach, aioli and chipotle sherry dressing, topped with onion ring and tomato on brioche bun
Classic Beef Burger * 10.95
9 ounces of custom grind Angus beef burger with tomato, lettuce, pickle & onion on brioche bun
| Add cheese or mushrooms +1.25
| Add avocado +1.95 
| Add bacon +3.25
| Add extra beef patty* +4.95
| Gluten free burger bun +1.25
Pot Roast French Dip  11.75
Tender braised beef pot roast with celery, onions & mild pickled jalapeño | Served on demi baguette with provolone cheese, side of horseradish & au jus
Eastport Lobster Roll  11.75
Demi baguette, lobster, shrimp & crab salad, sweet corn, tomato, onion & radish sprouts 
Spartan CHICKEN Pita  10.50
Sliced chicken, cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, feta, olives, spinach, parsley & yogurt dill dressing on pita
Dragon CHICKEN Pita  10.50
Sliced chicken with cilantro, mint, carrot, avocado, cucumber, field mix, soy ginger dressing and sweet chili aioli on pita
Jalisco Chicken Panini  10.75
Chicken, jalapeños, chipotle aioli, guacamole, tomato, garlic, corn & jack cheese on grilled ciabatta bread
La Rioja VEGGIE Panini  8.75
Roasted mushrooms and bell peppers, fresh arugula and goat cheese on grilled ciabatta bread  
| Add bacon, Canadian bacon, prosciutto +3.25
| Chicken or turkey +3.95
Triple Grilled Cheese  8.75 
Provolone, Cheddar & American cheese on Texas toast 
| Add avocado or tomato +1.95
| Add bacon, Canadian bacon or prosciutto +3.25
| Add chicken or turkey +3.95
| Beef patty* +4.95 
Big BLT on Texas Toast  9.50
Applewood bacon, Canadian bacon, lettuce, tomato & aioli 
| Add avocado +1.95 
| Add chicken or turkey +3.95
| Add salmon filet +5.95
Kitchen Specialties
Steamed clams in a white wine broth with bacon, jalapeño, diced tomato, sweet corn and fingerling potatoes | Served with crusty bread
| Add shrimp* +5.95
Amsterdam Pasta  13.95 
Sautéed mushrooms, asparagus, tomatoes, artichokes & sweet peas, white wine sauce, white truffle oil & aged gouda 
| Add chicken +3.95
| Add shrimp or salmon* +5.95
Provence Chicken & Risotto  16.95 
8 oz herb grilled chicken breast, sun-dried tomato & pesto risotto, pine nuts, tomato rosemary broth & asparagus
Blackened spiced salmon filet with corn bread pudding, wilted spinach & bacon, topped with diced tomato and red pepper jam
Tender poblano shredded pork over corn bread pudding, topped with pickled red onion, avocado & cilantro
Switch Lettuce Wraps  11.95 
4 lettuce cups with savory ground lamb, roasted peppers, goat cheese, cashews, red onion, arugula, shredded carrots and fig balsamic dressing | Also available with chicken 
Thai Braised Beef Tacos  11.95 
4 spicy and sweet braised beef rib tacos on corn tortillas with Asian hot sauce and tangy slaw
Cheese & Fruit SELECTION  7 
2-3 oz of our featured gourmet cheese with, jam, nuts, grapes, bread and crackers
| Add side cured meats or additional cheese +4.25 each
Bruschetta Sextet  10.50 
Grilled baguette spears topped with sliced tomato, basil mozzarella, roasted onion, evoo & balsamic (3pcs) / parmesan, artichoke spread & Italian ham (3 pcs) (or 6 same) 
Crispy Risotto Croquettes  10.50 
6 pieces | A different selection will be made daily | Your server will tell you today’s flavor
6 hand battered breast strips served with apricot BBQ sauce and maple tabasco aioli 
Sesame Citrus Shrimp  12.95 
6 chilled ponzu & citrus marinated shrimp with a salad bed of scallions, sprouts, avocado, Sriracha, cilantro & sesame 
Baked Lobster & Crab Puffs  12.95 
6 puff pastry cups filled with lobster & seafood, parmesan & tomato, with spicy chipotle aioli | Allow 12 minutes baking time
Sangria Salad  9.95 / 8.45 
Field greens, grapes, sliced apples, strawberries, almonds, goat cheese & sangria dressing
Fresh Mozzarella Salad  9.95 / 8.45
Fresh mozzarella, roma tomato, basil pesto, garlic crouton, olives, red onion, field greens & balsamic honey vinaigrette
| Add prosciutto +3.25
Super Chop Salad  9.95 / 8.45
Spinach, field greens, corn, tomato, artichokes, sundried tomatoes, olives, shredded carrots, white beans, cucumber & sunflower seeds in a tangy sherry vinaigrette
Spinach BACON Feta Salad  9.95 / 8.45
Organic spinach with feta, crumbled egg, bacon, tomato, red onion, carrot, roasted mushrooms & tangy red wine dressing
Big Blue Sky Salad  9.95 / 8.45
Hydroponic bibb lettuce with tomatoes, red onion, bleu cheese, balsamic reduction and our creamy bleu dressing 
Caesar Salad  9.95 / 7.95
Romaine lettuce, creamy parmesan caesar dressing, parmesan cheese & homemade croutons
Soup of the Day    Cup 3.95    Bowl 4.95
Chicken Pot Pie Gallette  13.50 
Flaky puff pastry with sliced chicken, peas, carrots, potato puree, onions, corn, jack cheese & gravy | Seasonal vegetable
Lobster & Seafood CrepeS  13.50
Three rolled crepes with sweet lobster, crab & shrimp, béchamel, tomato & chives | Seasonal vegetable 
Mac N’ Cheese Plate  12.95
Baked penne, 3 cheeses, parmesan & bread crumb topping
| Add lobster & crab +5.95
| Add bacon, Canadian bacon, prosciutto +3.25 
| Add chicken or turkey +3.95
| Add mushroom and truffle oil +2.95
Red Velvet Cake  7 
Velvety layer cake with cream icing. Tall, dark and delicious
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough  7 
Lots of soft cookie dough baked in a bowl with vanilla ice cream on top
Creme Bruleé  8 
Rich vanilla creme custard with a crackle top and fresh berries
Fairytale Brownie Sundae  7 
Fudge brownie, ice cream, belgian chocolate sauce and whipped cream layered in a tall pint glass
Homemade Bread Pudding  7 
Your server will describe our luscious bread pudding in today’s flavor 
Cobbler, Crisp or Crepe  7
Your server will describe our fresh fruit dessert which may be one of the above
Desserts are made in small batches daily and some may be sold out.
Start Caesar Salad  2.95
Start Field Salad  2.95
SIDE Fresh fruiT  2.95
Individual 3 oz. hummus with Pita  3.95 
Daily roasted vegetable  3.95
Small mac n’ cheese 3.95
SIDE risotto  3.95
SiDE onion rings  3.95
SIDE grilled chicken breast  3.95
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